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Aprann pwograme ak langaj Python

Impact Hub Port-au-Prince | 33, 2e avenue du travail, Turgeau

Mar 30, 2019 at 11:00 AM


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by Nedjy Francesca CHÉRY | published on Apr. 20, 2019 | Views : 82 | Tags : Social
Se Venger : Bonne Ou Mauvaise Idée ?

**La vengeance est une fantastique force émotionnelle. Mais peut-elle éteindre le brasier de notre colère ou apaiser notre soif éperdue de consolation ? Se retourne -t- elle à coup sûr contre son a...

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by Lub Lorry LAMYSERE | published on Apr. 19, 2019 | Views : 144 | Tags : Web development , Mobile Development
7 Etap Negosyasyon Efikas Pou Devlopè

Anpil devlopè twouve li yon jan difisil pou yo antame etap negosyasyon pou sèvis yo ofri a, ak yon kliyan. Gen lòt ki fasil antame konvèsasyon an, men ki mal fè sa, ki vin koz, yo siyen yon kontra ...

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by Lub Lorry LAMYSERE | published on Apr. 17, 2019 | Views : 132 | Tags : Tech Solution , Security
A Well Secured Way For All Your Passwords

Nowadays, we all aware of the importance of having a strong password for our use. It's important to have a complicated password you can't remember though. But it is difficult sometimes to deal with...

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by Lub Lorry LAMYSERE | published on Apr. 02, 2019 | Views : 128 | Tags : Movement , Social
Ayiti Kounya Vle Prime Solisyon Ke Konpetisyon Lide

Li vrèman fè sans pou tout lide w ka genyen, kache, nan objektif pou w eseye anrichi tèt ou akoz ke lide w la ka inovan. Gen anpil moun ki gen de bèl lide, ki sere yo nan yon bwat, jis pou yo kapab...

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